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Weight Management

America has a staggering obesity rate; roughly a third of the adult population is classified as overweight or obese. What’s even more disturbing is that the statistics also show a climb in obesity among children. While obesity is mostly an individual responsibility, there also needs to be better ways of disseminating information to the public about the dangers of obesity and how individuals can remain fit and healthy with proper exercise and dieting.

Using an Integrative Approach for Effective Weight Loss

Since no two bodies are alike, recommendations from Dr. Dempsey will vary from patient to patient. Being obese is a precursor for much more serious maladies like high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as diabetes and heart disease. This is why we implement testing at Armonk Integrative Medicine to help screen for health conditions that you may not be aware you have. Our complete ingrateive approach to weight management includes:


During the initial phases, Dr. Dempsey will customize a weight loss plan that is suitable for your body type and specific goals. This includes documenting your height, weight and ratio of muscle to body fat. Additional exams may also include blood work, lipid profile, glucose tolerance levels and bone density. The information will help Dr. Dempsey determine a plan that will not only help you shed the pounds but also prevent diseases associated with obesity.


You will get a breakdown of the type of foods that are optimal for weight loss. You will also learn about portion sizes and time interval between meals. The education will also extend to include an exercise plan that is challenging yet manageable.

Relevant Lifestyle Changes

Diet and exercise should become part of your lifelong habits. As such, it should not feel like a chore because that will make the whole process a lot harder to sustain on a long-term basis. You will be shown how to make small and incremental changes that will lead to lifestyle alterations that you can manage for permanent weight loss.

Thought Processes

Diet and exercise are just as mental as they are physical. Most people suffer from a mental block that tells them that it is too hard or that they will never achieve their ideal weight level. Old thought habits will have you returning to your old sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Dempsey will show you how to construct new thoughts that will change the way you look about food and exercise.

Practical Application

Once you know what the best foods are for you, you will learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious meals on a daily basis no matter how hectic your schedule is. Dr. Dempsey routinely updates her blog here at with healthy recipes from her kitchen to yours on how to stay on track while still enjoying your favorite foods.


You will collaborate with Dr. Dempsey to define what your target weight is. Once you reach that milestone, you will continue to follow through with your plan to ensure that you sustain your new weight.

Make a Commitment Today

The key is to be empowered with the right knowledge and acting on it. This means making exercising and dieting part of your everyday lifestyle much like brushing your teeth and showering. Information combined with action will lead to a long-term commitment to health and longevity.

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