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Welcome to the world of precise personalized healthcare! Nutrigenomics is a new area of science where the impacts of nutrients, lifestyle and nutrition have been studied and analyzed for their unique impact on your DNA. The research on genetics has been booming and we now have ways to figure out what foods and nutrients allow your DNA to function at its peak.

How does Nutrigenomics work?

Your DNA is made up of a very specific code made of 4 letters (nucleotides) A, T, G and C. Individual genetic markers called SNPs pronounced ‘snips’ are reported by 23andMe. These SNPs are unique to you, and they are responsible for what makes you unique. Where you may have an A, someone else may have a T, or you may be missing a letter. We take this information and analyze it using a program Opus23. We take this information and cross-reference it with evidence-based research showing associations with your SNPs and certain risks. Opus23 then cross-searches various databases to see which agents (nutrients, environmental factors, supplements, lifestyle, foods, specific diets) that fit your DNA best!

How will I benefit from Nutrigenomics?

You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. With Opus23 we translate your raw genetic data into clinically relevant information that we will be able to use to best improve your health by using preventive and therapeutic natural approaches. Your Opus23 report will optimize your treatment plans and make future approaches much more precise and personalized.

What to expect from Nutrigenomics?

You will first meet with Dr. Dempsey for a functional medicine consult so we can get to know you better. This allows us to better focus your Opus23 report to fit your personal unique needs. After discussing your health concerns and personal goals with us we will curate a report tailored to your specific genetics taking into consideration your history and current health status. You will receive a thorough report along with recommendations regarding lifestyle changes, nutrition/diets, nutrients and other therapies that you will utilize and benefit from most.

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