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Diet and Nutrition Counseling

One of the foundations to achieving a healthy lifestyle and optimum health is your diet and nutrition. Therefore, at Armonk Integrative Medicine Dr. Tania Tyles Dempsey strives in helping you learn how to eat well since it affects your overall health, growth and development. By eating an impoverished diet, you run the risk of developing poor health, chronic diseases and many health issues. However, if you are interested in reducing your risk of some severe diseases, you should consider nutrition and weight management counseling provided at our office. Our approach to good health starts with promoting good health outcomes and lifestyles. It involves being educated on why you should be concerned about eating well and it also includes understanding of what it means to integrate diet and weight management counseling into your easily into your every day routine.

What is Integrative Diet/Weight Management Counseling?

Our integrative diet and weight management counseling involves a comprehensive therapeutic approach. It recognizes that what you eat is the beginning of a healthy body, mind and spirit as well as overall healing and wellness. Your food choices have a direct impact on the types of diseases that you may develop and the quality of your aging process. The purpose of integrative nutrition and weight management at Armonk Integrative Medicine is to help your body achieve the best possible health and lifestyle outcomes.

Our Approach To Nutrition/Weight Management Counseling

By taking proper care of what you eat, you are better able to help your body to heal naturally to its optimum health potential. AIM’s integrative diet and nutrition weight management consultations offer a holistic approach by addressing the following issues during your consultation:

  • Comprehensive assessment of what you are currently eating and how it affects your health
  • Discussion of family and health histories and their impact on your diet and nutrition
  • Techniques on managing and decreasing potential health risks
  • Development of healthy food choices and eating habits that enhance your health and lifestyle
  • Implementing dietary supplements in your nutrition to help improve health conditions
  • Monitoring the consumption of substances that may be harmful to your health

What are Some Benefits of Integrative Nutrition Counseling?

Eating well offers many advantages and it plays an integral role in having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our approach at Armonk Integrative Medicine is likely to reduce the risks of health problems as well as delay or reverse the possibility of many diseases. Some of the concerns addressed and benefits that you can expect to gain from a diet/weight management consultation at our practice include:

    • Getting information on dietary issues such as food sensitivities, vegetarian eating and anti- inflammatory diets.
    • Managing and minimizing chronic diseases, including heart disorders, thyroid disorders, diabetes and high blood pressure.
    • Understanding the process of aging healthily and weight management
    • Managing cancer treatment and receiving survivor ship support,
    • Understanding metabolic disorders and their impact on cardiac and general health.

Through integrative nutrition and weight management counseling at AIM you are better able to understand and appreciate that eating well and wisely is more than just satisfying your appetite. It is an all-inclusive approach to diet and nutrition that promotes healthy eating, which helps the body to minimize the risks of and to heal from chronic diseases. It is also provides an important base for improved weight management and optimum health. With the health and lifestyle benefits to be gained from diet and nutrition counseling provided at AIM, eating well should be a concern and a priority for everyone.

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